Realtrade Ventures Ltd has approval Permits of the Government to Ship about 30 different Products-Industrial Raw Materials & Chemicals, some of which are Caustic Soda Pearls & Solids, Various Fertilizers,, Artificial Resins, Polyol, Soda Ash, STPP, TDI ,High & Low Density Polyethylene (HDPE &LDPE),PVC, Paint Chemicals, Copper Sulphates etc into Nigeria-Africa’s Biggest Market, and where we have been trading for the past 20 years.

Realtrade Ventures Ltd has diverse knowledge & Experience with various Manufacturers in the Country, working closely with some of the Largest Multi-national Producers in the World-Selling to Corporate Bodies, Organizations, as well as selling in the open Markets.
We have the Capacity of being a Manufacturers or Sole Agent/Company Representative of any Esteemed Overseas Company in whatever field (Telecommunications, Machines, Equipments, etc) to Market their Products/Services here in Nigeria.

We envisage a situation where our coming together with a Major Manufacturer, Producer /Supplier will initiate the Establishment of one of the most viable, mutually beneficial Relationship ever achieved or accomplished in this part of the world, that would enable the Joint Venture Company become one of the Big Players in the Market here in Nigeria & Africa in general.

We are prepared to Acquire and Maintain a Standard bonded Warehouse /Office from where the Agency/Company Products will be Marketed and sold throughout Nigeria and West Africa using our vast knowledge and contacts within the Business Community and in Government.

We are looking at an arrangement where some Officials of our Partners will be seconded over to be part of our Management Team here to oversee and Coordinate the Joint Company in furtherance to our Constant call for Transparency and Expansion in Business.

Corporate Statements

Our Mission

We pride ourselves on being able to Initiate and Coordinate Projects for Timely Delivery. To be quick, efficient, reliable and competitive.

Our Goal

To Partner with our Business Associates and build strong relationships and networks that are mutually beneficial and help drive the business forward.

Our People

We are a Transparent Team of Eminent Personalities, People of Very High Integrity, knowledge, Skills, Experience and Creativity.